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By publishing on our internet site and
through social network Facebook we will
do our best to introduce ourselves,
present our kennel and reasons for its
establishment and also
describe our enthusiasm with the breed.
We set ourselves a goal of improving characteristics
of the breed in Slovenia and abroad and
to promote it in positive sense.

We come from Slovenia, from a well-known
tourist town of Rogaška Slatina,
more accurately
from a small village Cerovec under the hill Boč,
from where the kennel names derives.
Pulsatilla grandis has a double meaning,
it is latin name for a rare flower,
growing only on Boč and on a red list of
endangered species. Translation to English
means “big and hairy”, what our dogs definitely are.

The name and the kennel were registered
by KZS and FCI in year 2006.

Together with brother Zvonko
we created foundations and run the kennel till 2011.
Today dogs have over 3500m2 fenced open space,
the whole estate has over 5000m2.
Open space is divided into smaller separate spaces,
connected with the dog house,
which is heated in winter.
And, of course, they alternately all live
with us in our living room…

Our dog story began in our childhood.
Dogs were always a part of our life.
At the beginning we had a couple of
Saint Bernard dogs and after they were gone,
we realized our long awaited wish – Great Danes.
This breed impressed us with its size and power,
its soft and affectionate character .
We build a new story on experience by working
with dogs and we would like to share it with others.

Working with dogs takes a lot of time
and dedication. Much needed help
we can get from our family and friends.

I would like to say a special thanks to
my brother Zvonko, with which we
created foundations of the kennel,

a big "thank you" goes to Bernarda,
which presents support and help and
together we continue our dog story,

parents Leopoldini and Antonu,
that are always available, when we are not around.
They are constantly in the company of dogs and
help us taking care of them.

brother Marko,
as a winner in the dog walking competition,
necessary and reliable help, especially when others
are away on dog exhibitions, vacation and so on…

And of course Matija, Ana and Vlado, Nataša, Matic...

There is a lot of people on our way,
that put their piece into our mosaic and
we would like to thank each and every one of them.

Expert help provide our home vets
Janko Hribernik, Metka and Roman Kropec
from Veterinary center Kropec,
vet Matej Zupanec
from Veterinary hospital Šentjur
and one of the oldest and still leading great dane breeder
Marie José Labrousse
from "des Terres de la Rairie" kennel in France.
In appointed kennel we searched and found
female dogs of appropriate ancestors,
on which we build our breeding.

Best regards
and welcome,