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Taras Pulsatllla grandis, Ch.

sex: male
colour: mantel
born: 1st of May 2009

hyp displasia: HD-A
pedigree number: 1694
hight: 91 cm

Taras is a black great dane,
living in Murska Sobota, Slovenia,
with family Časar in coownership.
His show and breeding career is succsesfully building up.
In Slovenia he fulfilled the terms to
receive a title Champion of Slovenia.

show results:
Slovenian Champion
2 x very perspective I.
best puppy male SKVPM 2010
9x excellent I.
7x CAC

mother: Ch. Aude des Terres de la Rairie (F)
mother: Tamara de la Templerie (F)
father: Ch. Ajron a il Paraiso di Bella

father: Int.Ch. Manolo von der Ofnethohle (D)
mother: Armida Claudia Bohemica
father: Verdi von der Ofnethohle (D)




Komentarji slik:
Slika zgoraj - Taras Pulsatilla grandis
Slika levo - Ch. Aude des Terres de la Rairie
Slika desno - Int.Ch. Manolo von der Ofnethohle (D)